ICBC Enhanced Benefits Guide

Knowing what to do after your accident can feel overwhelming. What type of therapies are available, and more importantly, might I need? What are my rights as the victim of a car accident?

The aftermath of the accident can be as distressful if not more so than the accident itself.  Recognizing this we have provided a short guide on how to get your life back on track. If you've been in accident, the following is a general guideline towards recovery once you've reported your accident and obtained an ICBC claim number:


    • If you're unsure of what you're needing visit your doctor to get an assessment where he/she will recommend further treatment including referral to specialists that can assist in your recovery.
    • Do your research to find an established rehabilitation clinic to help you with your recovery. Ideally finding one that offers direct billing to ICBC will be best.
    • If you're missing work due resulting from car accident related trauma, an occupational therapist can help you access other services to get you back on your feet faster.
    • In the event that you are experiencing head injury symptoms (vertigo, dizziness, visual disturbance, and/or imbalance, nausea and/or vomiting, reduced ability to focus or concentrate, and fatigue), seeking the help of a vestibular therapist can help.


Generally, if you've been in an accident you have up to 3 months, or an allotted amount of pre-authorized sessions (as indicated in the table below) since the date of your accident.  Beyond this time you may be required to provide a doctor's note (referral) indicating a need for a particular service.

Type of practitioner: ​Number of approved treatments:
​Physiotherapist ​25
​Chiropractor ​25
​Registered massage therapist ​12
​Kinesiologist ​12
​Psychologist ​12
​Clinical counsellor ​12
​Acupuncturist ​12

To learn more about ICBC's new Enhanced Care Program, go here https://enhancedcare.icbc.com/care-and-coverages#benefits.



Anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident in British Columbia, or any B.C. resident injured in a motor vehicle accident in North America is entitled to Part 7 benefits either from ICBC or from another insurer involved in the accident. Regulation 96 sets out the various situations where no Part 7 coverage is provided. This includes:

  • An owner of a vehicle insured with ICBC;
  • A member of the vehicle owner’s household;
  • An occupant of a vehicle licensed in BC, or an occupant of a vehicle not required to be licensed in BC but driven by a person with a BC driver’s license;
  • A cyclist or pedestrian who collides with a vehicle described in an owner’s certificate;
  • A resident of BC who is entitled to bring an action for injury or death under the Insurance (Vehicle) Act for either hit and run collision or pursuant to the uninsured motorist provisions;
  • The personal representative of a deceased insured;
  • A resident of BC who holds a valid driver’s certificate and members of his or her household;