Car & Pedestrian Accident PTSD Checklist

If you are experiencing 1 or several of the following symptoms, you are likely suffering from post-car accident trauma:

Experiencing a sense of dread or feeling that your future will somehow be cut short

Any trauma, including a car accident, can leave you with feeling powerless. It can make you feel vulnerable to your surroundings, and helpless in your experience, reducing our ability to deal with situations as they arise.


Reliving the traumatic event or feeling as if it were actually happening again

Anything can trigger us to a traumatic memory. When we are in this state we become disconnected from the present, and re-experience the distressing experience as though it were happening to us all over again.


Being on edge/on guard while driving, riding as a passenger, or simply being near a street

We may lose our sense of independence as driving, or riding along in a vehicle, becomes a fear inducing experience we would sooner altogether avoid.


Repeated, disturbing memories, thoughts, or vivid images of your car accident.

The images often come on without warning and can range from mild anxiety to a full-on panic.  We might think something is wrong with us, without knowing what. In addition it is not uncommon to experience shame as these disturbing memories take control of us.


Having trouble falling or staying asleep, or awaken suddenly from a nightmare

Sleep disturbance can result in a negative feedback loop of low mood, heightened distress, and  may worsen our physical injuries resulting from the accident.


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