Make your trauma
a thing of the past.

No fee, hassle-free therapy on your scheduleOver 95% of our clients find relief within 2 sessionsTrusted by over 200 medical and rehab specialistsContact us now for a free and confidential
Make your
a thing of
the past.
No fee, hassle-free therapy on
your schedule
Over 95% of our clients find relief
within 2 sessions
Trusted by over 200 medical and
rehab specialists
Contact us now for a free
and confidential consultation

Regain Control of Your Life Now!

Emotional trauma can turn your world upside down, leaving you feeling powerless and alone. The distress can range from mild to overwhelming, affecting every aspect of life - from work, to our relationships, and engagement within our community.

Lighthouse Counselling provides a singular service with one goal in mind: helping you overcome your struggles to find the stability, ease and joy in life once again.

Whether you're reaching out for the very first time, or already a client, Lighthouse is with you every step of the way to ensure you're receiving the quality of care you deserve.

Beyond Talk Therapy

We are not your typical counselling service. Our team of therapists are among the best at what they do - helping people heal from their emotional distress and trauma.  Our approach separates us from traditional clinics in the following ways:


So much more than symptom treatment

We recognize that the wounds left by traumatic experiences defy rational, cognitive-driven therapeutic approaches. This is why talking about one's problems - without processing the underlying emotional experience - is rarely, if ever, a remedy.  Instead, we focus on treating emotional trauma at its root.


Building an even better you

Distress doesn't exist within a vacuum.  A traumatic experience can affect all aspect of functioning. Therefore, we encourage you to use this as an opportunity to bring other matters into the conversation with a Lighthouse Specialist to receive the help you're needing.


"A traumatic memory is like a sliver (splinter) buried deep within the mind.

At times we sense its presence. It overcomes us, leaving us feeling powerless and distressed.

At other times we forget about it, yet our bodies still react to it, and we no longer feel like ourselves."

Robert Miles, Clinic Founder


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PTSD Relief Has Never Been so Accessible

Research-driven Approach

Providing you with the most powerful psychological strategies, interventions and tools to help you become more resilient for tomorrow.

Therapy on Your Schedule

Sessions are available in-person and virtually, including a hybrid of the two! This provides you greater flexibility to receive the best support possible.

Personalized Treatment

You're unique and so should be your treatment plan. We are driven by a holistic approach to help optimize your recovery.

Overcome Your PTSD

Lowered self-confidence
Feeling unsure of one’s self and ability.
Shame, feeling you have less to offer
Falling-short of meeting expectations of others such as family and friends.
Stuck, or frustration with your recovery
Uncertainty if things will ever get better, or lacking a clear path forward.
Overwhelmed, or lacking the capacity to deal with daily life
Our tolerance for things and ability to stay present becomes significantly less.
Helpless and fearful towards an uncertain future
Our ability to sit with uncertainty becomes greatly diminished.
Anxious checking behaviour
Frequently scanning the environment for signs of danger.
Avoidance of distressful reminders
Going out of the way to distract from any unsettling thoughts, conversations, or locations reminding you of the incident.
Unease, 'bracing', or bodily tension
This can happen while riding in vehicles, or being anywhere near traffic.
Frequent vivid and distressing flashbacks
Haunted by the incident or a feeling of dread that something bad might happen.
Being easily startled or chronically on edge
Being ‘always on’ (hypervigilent) to the environment such as vehicles travelling too close, sound of screeching breaks, horns, etc.
A general feeling of insecurity, or feeling unsafe
Altering driving habits, maintaining extra space between vehicles, and a lack of confidence.

We Take Your Healing to Heart

At Lighthouse your wellbeing is our mandate. This is why we've created a hassle-free service, ensuring that your recovery is put front and center.  But don't simply take our word for it.

Contact us TODAY to learn how we can help you get into the driver's seat of your life once again!




Since my car accident in 2016 I had suffered from complex physical pain. My concussion left me feeling sad, anxious, and lost for the last 4 years of my life. In December of 2020 a friend of mine referred me to Lighthouse. Lighthouse has not only addressed the cracks in my recovery plan placing me in touch with an amazing doctor and occupational therapist, but also helped me learn to navigate through the intense daily stress and mood swings that came along with being a concussion sufferer.
The one thing I appreciate the most is how hassle-free it was to connect with them and receive the help I really needed the most. From the first call to a year in, I am so grateful that I have the team at Lighthouse by my side. Their professionalism, knowledge, commitment, and unwavering support have provided me with the confidence to see the light beyond my recovery.
Words will never be able fully express my appreciation.
Jeremy Pratt, Lighthouse Client

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